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Clean Romance vs Not Clean

I’ve recently realized that there are different views on what a “clean” romance is. Everyone is different in their backgrounds and what offends some people varies in large amounts. I don’t wish to offend any of my readers. So I thought I’d clarify how I use that term in relationships to my books.

For me I see a “Clean” Romance novel one that doesn’t have sex in it. Kissing is acceptable, and that the characters aren’t stripped naked. The language is mild and harsh swear words are not used. Again, I’ve become more aware that words that I see as “mild” may not be mild to others. For me words like dang, damn, oh my gosh, oh my God, and crap, are in the mild category.

I will note that I did use one harsher swear word in “A Healing Spirit” it was uttered by Dylan and I took it in and out several times debating on if I should leave it or not. In the end I felt that any other word just didn’t fit Dylan’s personality or the situation. I even asked several of my beta readers if I should leave it in or take it out. Leaving that one word in there was not taken lightly.

I hope that helps give a background and a better understanding of how both “A Healing Heart” and “A Healing Spirit” are written. In the future this vary well may change as stories develop and I’ll be sure to identify any book that is in a different category.

I love to hear from my readers, so please feel free to reach out to me.

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