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A Healing Touch


Riverview Series Book 3

A forgotten night rips away nineteen year old, Natasha Wakefield’s innocence. Weeks from the end of what had been a great freshman year in college, Natasha no longer feels safe and finds herself withdrawing from her friends and family. Instead of returning home to Riverview for the summer, Natasha lands a dream internship at a local architecture firm. She focuses on work and tries to ignore the pain and bury it, but there’s someone watching her unwilling to let her forget.

Twenty-three year old, Troy DeLuca, is following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and has been trained since childhood to take over the family architecture practice. The day Natasha is hired as an intern, his well-planned life is beginning to flip upside down. There’s something oddly familiar about the quiet, subdued girl. Painful past memories that he thought he’d buried years before, are now flooding his present.


Will Troy’s touch be enough to heal the angry and raw wounds that Natasha carries? Will she continue to shut herself off and run? Or will she find the strength to take her life back?

A story about stolen innocence and the struggles to forget, forgive, and move forward.

Paperbacks: Available online from Amazon

5 star award from Readers Favorite
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