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MELISSA A HANSON lives in Southern California with her husband and two sons. Growing up in Southern California, inspiration for the city of “Riverview” is based on her hometown, Redlands. 


Melissa's journey to writing began with a passion in reading that started in sixth grade. In high school she started writing, but writing took a back seat when she decided to pursue a career in architecture. Almost twenty years later, her first novel was written. 


A Healing Heart was her first completed novel, and is book 1 of the Riverview Series. It is Bailey and Collin's story.


A Healing Spirit, is book 2 of the Riverview Series. It is Mia and Dylan's story. 


A Healing Touch book 3 of the Riverview Series. It is Natasha and Troy's story.


Each book is a stand-alone novel.


While Melissa spends most days designing buildings, she still loves reading and creating stories.

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