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"I love when a book opens my heart and emotions."

- Kathryn Cooper; 

"What an amazing story of how love helps you heal, move forward and survive tragedies. Melissa A. Hanson did a great job in creating characters, catching the raw emotions and sharing it through writing to her readers."

- Kristina Applegate; Goodreads Review

"This book was one of those beautiful achy books that make you tingle when you read it. It was such an incredible story of redemption and healing." 

- Hannah;

"I loved the book and it made cry so much, but also I feel like I needed a history like that to remind that I’m alive and I have a purpose in life. That those things that had been taken away from me, give me the strength to continue and love my life." 

-Susana U.; Goodreads Review

"Wow! Now that's a love story! What a wonderful book! I just loved this one. The prologue alone had me in tears! This was very easy to read, it had great characters that were expertly developed, a very sweet heartwarming (sometimes tear jerking) story-line, and was very easy to fall in love with!"

- Wendy;

"This is definitely one of my all time favorite YA romance books I've ever read. I normally don't like YA romance books because they are unrealistic. But this had the perfect mix of sweet and drama."

-Taylor; Goodreads Review (IG @taylors_pages)

"This book (and bk 1 in this series) were so refreshing. It seems like all NA books I read are way over the top, and while I really enjoy those, this one seemed so realistic."

-Monica; Goodreads Review (IG @nightreads) 

"All I got to say is WOW! This book is so incredibly well written, a book that I will so totally tell people to read, and it makes me want to hug Mrs. Hanson for giving us another well thought out book."


"I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light read. For the first time, I have to say that a second in series of a book has surprised me. Good one!"

-Huma; Goodreads Review


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