"I love when a book opens my heart and emotions."

- Kathryn Cooper; kathryncooperwrites.com 

"What an amazing story of how love helps you heal, move forward and survive tragedies. Melissa A. Hanson did a great job in creating characters, catching the raw emotions and sharing it through writing to her readers."

- Kristina Applegate; Goodreads Review

"This book was one of those beautiful achy books that make you tingle when you read it. It was such an incredible story of redemption and healing." 

- Hannah; bookhavenextraordinaire.blogspot.com

"I loved the book and it made cry so much, but also I feel like I needed a history like that to remind that I’m alive and I have a purpose in life. That those things that had been taken away from me, give me the strength to continue and love my life." 

-Susana U.; Goodreads Review

"Wow! Now that's a love story! What a wonderful book! I just loved this one. The prologue alone had me in tears! This was very easy to read, it had great characters that were expertly developed, a very sweet heartwarming (sometimes tear jerking) story-line, and was very easy to fall in love with!"

- Wendy; wall-to-wall-books.blogspot.com

"This is definitely one of my all time favorite YA romance books I've ever read. I normally don't like YA romance books because they are unrealistic. But this had the perfect mix of sweet and drama."

-Taylor; Goodreads Review (IG @taylors_pages)

"This book (and bk 1 in this series) were so refreshing. It seems like all NA books I read are way over the top, and while I really enjoy those, this one seemed so realistic."

-Monica; Goodreads Review (IG @nightreads) 

"All I got to say is WOW! This book is so incredibly well written, a book that I will so totally tell people to read, and it makes me want to hug Mrs. Hanson for giving us another well thought out book."

-Karen; baronessbooktrove.com

"I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light read. For the first time, I have to say that a second in series of a book has surprised me. Good one!"

-Huma; Goodreads Review

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